Mental Hypnosis – Learn Covert Influence

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You Are About To Learn
How To Use Mental Hypnosis, NLP and
Covert Persuasion To Improve Your Life

My name is Joseph Mander and I’m about to show you some of the most powerful hypnosis techniques known to man.
So make sure you pay close attention.

Almost EVERYONE knows hypnosis is real. There are thousands of books written on the subject.

Here’s what you can do with hypnosis:

  • Put anyone under your romantic spell.
  • Easily seduce anyone by pressing their hot buttons.
  • Develop magnetic charisma so that people will naturally and automatically like you.
  • Make your ideal girl or dream boy fall madly in love with you.
  • Feel confident and comfortable with total strangers.
  • And many more advantages!

Have Your Toughest Prospects Eating From The Palm Of Your Hand

Here’s what happened with me:

I worked in a high profile computer company selling advanced software to powerful, hard-nosed business executives. So, I remember one time I met a prospect to discuss a multi-million dollar deal.

This was the type of customer you absolutely HATE to deal with.

He was aloof and arrogant and didn’t want to listen to me. And he was rude. He thought he was better than everybody because he was so “important”. Anyway, I got stuck with him because everyone else in my company had refused to work with the guy.

So I Decided To Use “Mental Hypnosis” On This Guy
And Make Him Give In To My Commands

Just thinking about dealing with this client made me nervous and apprehensive, but I decided to put what I’d learned to the test.

I ran a quick “self-hypnosis” confidence pattern on myself (you’ll see how to do this in the course) and approached the prospect with more confidence than I’ve ever had. It’s amazing how simple this is to do and how well it works to increase your confidence. Your life will literally be transformed by this technique alone.

So I sat down with this guy and immediately started watching his eyes and body movements. After running the “Match and Mirror Operation” on him, (again, you will learn how to do this in the course) he started to open up to me. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get people to like you even on first impression!

Then I Dropped The Hammer On Him.

I used the NLP Techniques I learned to hypnotize him during “normal conversation” and make him believe it was fundamentally wrong to disagree with me.

This was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. The guy folded like a paper napkin. I had this “Mr. Big” in the palm of my hands.

I seriously think if I would have wanted him to dance like a chicken, he would have done it just to gain my approval. Hands down, it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen.

He had absolutely NO control over the situation and needless to say, I got the deal (the guys at the office went absolutely nuts!).

Since I learned these hypnosis techniques I just told you about, my income has exploded.

If you use this information properly, you can easily see improvements in your finances IMMEDIATELY. Heck, you can see changes in any part of your life you want to change.

The bottom line is this:
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With the wealth of knowledge I have gotten from my research studies and actual experiences, I made 9 Audio Recordings that will completely startle, bewilder, and amaze you. I’ve decided to release these recordings in the Mental Hypnosis Course for a VERY limited time, for only $77. It previously sold for $137, but for a short time, you can take advantage of this opportunity, just click this button…

With these “Mental Hypnosis” strategies, you’ll be capable of putting anyone in a trance …even if you just met them. And they won’t even know you’re doing it. It doesn’t matter if they trust you… it doesn’t matter if they like you… as long as they can hear you, you can put them under your influence.

This stuff is like personal dynamite.

Here’s What You’re Getting

First, you’re getting an extensive collection of downloadable videos, audio podcasts and documentation that introduce you to the subject and explain in COMPLETE detail what you will gain from using Mental Hypnosis.

In these recordings, you’ll discover exactly how “Mental Hypnosis” works and how you can put it to work for you… in any situation.

You will get the benefit of over 200 hours of hard work I’ve already done for you. You won’t have to search any further. I’ve created a VERY comprehensive and complete course devoted to teaching you the TRUE form of covert hypnosis.

With this Mental Hypnosis Course, you will finally be able to master the same hypno-tactics being used by the hypnosis masters.

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll uncover:

  • Never wait in line again for anything. Use group hypnosis to make people insist on letting you go first.
  • Get people to help you succeed. Use MASS HYPNOSIS to get huge groups of people to do what you want (these are the same strategies extremely rich TV evangelists use).
  • hypnotize your way out of most any situation.
  • Make money with hypnosis and persuasion… in YOUR job right now… regardless of your profession!
  • Plant mental triggers in their minds to make people do what you want … when you want … AT WILL!
  • Use MASS MIND CONTROL by hypnotizing not only HUNDREDS of people… but even THOUSANDS at a time (Here’s a hint, people do it EVERY DAY accidentally).
  • Use these techniques even in the most straining conditions. Never be vulnerable in ANY situation (can you imagine never again thinking “I should have said…”!).
  • Get someone magically to agree with you JUST through body language (another hint… watch their eyes VERY closely).
  • Use hypnosis and instant persuasion with your target NEVER knowing you are using it.
  • And much, much more…

If you feel this is what you are looking for…
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As you can see, this is not information available to the general public. It’s a great tool for you to use with integrity, but not for the uninformed guy across the street.

If you want in on this, you’d better act now before your rival beats you to it.

But before I let you have it, I must give you a final warning:

This Is Not For Everybody.

If you want to take advantage of people or manipulate them in an evil way, this isn’t for you.

What you’re getting is a treasure map to people’s mental caverns using true “mental” hypnosis.

This really works.

If you can’t handle something this hard-core, or if this scares or intimidates you… then I understand. But if you are ready for it…

Here’s How You Can Join The TRUE Hypnosis Masters

The cost of this comprehensive and controversial course is just $137.00 $97.00 ONLY $77.

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As soon as you place your secure order, you’ll be taken to a protected download page where you can access the video and audio recordings and the other course material instantly.

The reason I’ve decided to make this a downloadable product as opposed to something you get in the mail is threefold:

1: It keeps costs down so you won’t have to pay shipping costs. This saves you money.

2: Nobody (including me) ever sees your address, so your identity and contact info is kept strictly confidential.

3: You can get this information immediately. Right now. In seconds.

But get this:

You Can Be Absorbing These Amazing Training Techniques Right Away!

You can order this powerful system right now and start discovering these Mental Hypnosis Training Secrets within 30 seconds… yes, that’s right… WITHIN 30 SECONDS you can be listening to and mastering these rare hypnosis tactics that can transform you into an advanced persuasion machine.

Here’s how you get it:

I also made downloadable video and audio files for this course so you can take them on the go… You can easily put these on your iPod, phone or burn them to a CD or DVD.

And the entire course will play online immediately right on your computer screen and over your headphones or speakers.

All you have to do is just click the links you’ll see inside each section of the course and the audio or video will start playing.

What’s even better is there’s nothing to download or install… and you don’t need any fancy software to play it.

You can watch and listen even if you’re new to computers. It’s easy.

And, you can watch and listen as many times as you like …from any online computer or phone in the world!

And one more thing… I’ve also included a ton of documentation that goes over these techniques in detail.

You can print these transcripts and slides out and keep them for “cheat sheets” to use anytime or on anyone.

And if you’re at all skeptical about this, I understand. You have every right to be.

But I’m so certain you’ll love this that I’m offering you the following guarantee:

You’ll Be Mesmerized By This Powerful Mental Hypnosis Course Or I’ll Refund 100% Of Your Money

60-day Money Back Guarantee

…Use The Entire Course For 60 Days And Decide For Yourself!

The bottom line is this:

If you don’t like it, or can’t use it, I don’t want your money. And you can just keep the whole thing as my way of saying “thanks for being adventurous and taking a chance.”

You won’t have to answer any questions, fill out any forms, or send anything back. Just let me know if you’re not happy with the content and I’ll immediately give back every single penny you spent… NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Period. I’m taking all of the risk. So let’s get started…

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A Mental Hypnosis user says,

“I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the course. It was well worth the price and has whet my appetite for more of any of your teaching. Your voice and the simple delivery via the slides was without hype or flash and I felt like you were an old friend taking me under your wing. I am going through the advanced NLP for the second time now. I have been a substance abuse counselor for 2 decades and now pursuing a private life coaching practice. I don’t remember exactly how I came across your offer but I’m glad I did. Thanks again and keep me informed of any further teachings you might offer.


Life Coach and Substance Abuse Counselor

Another Mental Hypnosis user says,

“Just a note – your Mental Hypnosis Course is fantastic.

I want to tell you how much I am enjoying your initial Course. I find the PowerPoint presentations along with the audio MP3’s very effective. I should be ready to order your Elite Course within the next few days.
Thank you for everything; and I look forward to being your student.”

Remember, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose, and this website can be taken down at any time.

Don’t waste another second.

I’ll Talk With You Soon,

Joseph Mander

P.S. You’re also getting a special bonus for taking fast action. If you buy today, I will also include (free of charge) “The Secret Power Strategies” recordings. They will show you how to protect yourself from the manipulations of the media and society’s power structure.

The NINE SECTION COURSE is Maxed Out with intense and complete information, including deep explanations of all these Mental Hypnosis tactics…

For a VERY limited time, ALL of this is included in the Mental Hypnosis Course:

Mental Hypnosis Manual

The Mental Hypnosis
Master’s Edition Course

Mental Hypnosis I

I. Introduction To Mental Hypnosis

Revealing Look at Sections of the Mental Hypnosis Course

Advanced Training Notes

Mental Hypnosis II

II. Social Engineering King: Becoming the Alpha

Learning Nickel Knowledge

Mind Tricks and Social Proofs

Knowing The Party

Mental Hypnosis III

III. The Roots of Covert Control: The Majors

Iron Man Pattern

Black Ops Mirror Operation

No Cleaver Technique

Mental Hypnosis IV

IV. Find Out Who Is Lying To You:
Black Ops Truth Extractor

Language of the eyes, the body never lies

Contradiction and consistency

Emotion commotion, sleight of mouth

Mental Hypnosis V

V. Using Covert Hypnosis:
Beyond “Regular” Hypnosis

Learn to instantly hypnotize any subject

Pseudo logic, association and the 4 words of power

Confusion as a hypnotic distraction technique

Mental Hypnosis VI

VI. Advanced Techniques Using NLP:
Part 1 – Personal Success Tactics

The Bombshell – Interrogation Techniques

The Blast – Establish and Anchor Value

The Kill – Getting What You Want

Mental Hypnosis VII

VII. Advanced Techniques Using NLP:
Part 2 – Business Development

Principles and Presuppositions

Prime Directives of the Subconscious Mind

Rapport, Predicates and Eye Movements

Mental Hypnosis VIII

VIII. Secret Power Strategies:
Protection in a Mass Controlled World

The Four Kinds of Power

Enhancing Your Individual Power

Master’s Edition Bonuses:

The Seduction Game – Additional One-hour Video and Slides

Interpreting Dreams (565 Page eBook!)

Mind Seduction Revealed (60 Page eBook!)


(a $450 value! for only $77)

This is the best course of it’s kind. Since it’s only available for a very limited time, I urge to not to put it off as you will regret it later.

The truth is YOU now have the chance to take control of your life and use
REAL tactics that most of the so-called “Pro’s” don’t even know exist.

You will be creating effortless change within MINUTES of getting this course. And if you don’t, then I don’t want your money. Ask for a refund.

P.P.S. Don’t forget this astonishing guarantee. You have 60 days to get a FULL refund, after you have absorbed the entire course. No risk! There is absolutely no reason to pass this up.

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