Dear Internet Entrepreneur:

Welcome to the Mental Hypnosis Affiliate Program.

Here you will find EVERYTHING you need to maximize your profits and make tons of money selling this course.

Not only do I provide Banner Ads, Ad Text and Keyword Lists... I even include two custom made programs on this page to help you RANK ON GOOGLE and promote Mental Hypnosis with your very own custom website.

But before we get started, here's a few important notes about this course:

1. Yes, this information is REAL and it does work.  We've sold over 4,000 copies of the Underground Hypnosis Course and have a very low refund rate.  People are extremely happy and blown away at how powerful this information is.

2. You get 50% of the purchase price.  This is the most profitable product for you in the hypnosis market.  Don't get screwed by the other sites out there hording all the money.  I want to make it EASY for you to make cash, so keep working with me.

3. Selling the $77 "Master's Edition" means you make $38.50 per sale when someone buys it through your Clickbank link.

4. I've just updated EVERYTHING in this course.  The site, the design, the sales copy... Everything.  This more than doubled the conversion rate, blowing EVERYONE else out of the water.

Point blank:  This is one of the FEW websites where you can actually make money as an affiliate.

Don't waste thousands of dollars testing other ones...

High Conversion Rates + High Payouts = Money In Your Pocket

I've looked around, and my product is one of the strongest affiliate program on the internet. (And YES, this was intentional ...I've made it as easy as possible for you to make money!).

Don't take my word for it ...Check this out:

YES... "Check" made over $1200 on his FIRST DAY as an affiliate of mine.

Please Note:  That's not how much he sold, that's much PROFIT he put in his pocket (after paying me and clickbank).

I have no clue if he will be able to do that every day.

But even if he only ends up doing 1/4 of that, he'll still be making over $100,000 a year promoting my program!

When I talked to him via email, he said the reason he decided to affiliate me was because he wanted a new Hot Water Heater.

Screw the Hot Water Heater!  In one day, "Check" made enough to go buy a flat panel high-def TV!

A LOT of people are about to make A LOT of cash.

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Making Money NOW.

Ok, so here is how this works:

My affiliate program is handled through  If your not familiar with Clickbank, they're the biggest online billing center for downloadable products.  They're great, pay on time, and are super easy to get started with.

So if you haven't signed up, go to Clickbank then click on "SIGN UP" at the top of the page:

Once you have your Account ID, your affiliate link will be:


Obviously, replace "YOUR ID" with your Clickbank ID.

Once you have your affiliate link, you can advertise via banner ads on your website, do mass emails promoting your affiliate site, or use "pay per click" advertising with companies like Google.


Using pay per click advertising like Google Adwords, Yahoo/Bing Microsoft adCenter, or many others, you can quickly bring customers to your affiliate site.

You can make the most money by advertising with Google Adwords.  This used to be dead easy, but unfortunately Google has made it a little more difficult.

Every few months, they now do "Google Slaps" and raise the minimum bids on accounts that aren't set up the "right way".

Fortunately I know how to set this up correctly, and I'm about to tell you how:

  1. Make a campaign called Mental Hypnosis.

  2. Make 5 ad groups:  Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis, NLP, Mind Control, Persuasion

  3. Each Ad Group needs relevant "Ad Text, Keywords, And Landing Page". 
    This simply means use an Ad Text about NLP in the "NLP" adgroup.  Don't worry, I've already written all the adtext and keywords for you below.  Just make sure you EDIT the ad text a little bit... so you won't blend in with everyone else (use to make it super easy!)

  4. Use my custom software to make a DIFFERENT "Landing Page" for each Ad Group! Your "Landing Page" is where they go once they click on your ad.  I've made a tool that quickly and easily makes custom landing pages for you.  It's a no brainer.

    All you do is fill in some info, hit a button, and upload my special "google slap proof" affiliate site to your domain. 

    If you don't have a website/domain... they're only $2.95 a month at Namecheap.

  5. Make a DIFFERENT "landing page" for each adgroup! This way your Landing Page will be relevant to your Ad Text and your Keywords. 

    Normally this would take you a while, but I've had my programmer develop two pieces of software that will DO THIS FOR YOU AUTOMATICALLY.

    You can't find this anywhere else, and I'm giving it to you for free.  It's in the next section, so make sure you check that out.

    Once you set this all up, then you're done... forever! 

    Most people don't know about setting up Adwords this way, so you'll have an unfair advantage on the competition!

Ok, Here are some good converting Ad Text and Keywords you can use:


Self Hypnosis


Mind Control


Hypnosis Exposed
Learn To Hypnotize People
Without Them Even Knowing.
Self Hypnosis Revealed
Learn To Hypnotize Yourself
And Others With Ease!
NLP Secrets
With NLP you can control
anyone. Find out the secrets.
Instant Mind Control
Control someones mind within 5 seconds of meeting them.
Killer Persuasion Tactics
Just Revealed Persuasion Tactics Persuade Anyone.

Just highlight the keywords or ad text, and copy/paste them directly into Google Adwords.

Notice I have them in different SECTIONS.  This is important!

As mentioned above, make sure you have 5 different adgroups with it's own Ad Text and Keywords.

Feel free to add/subtract from this keyword list.  This is just to get you started!  You'll make more money by testing all your keywords and trying to come up with the best converting ones.

Now we need to setup your landing page.

I've had two online applications made to do the hard stuff... so this is super simple.


I've made two different programs that will generate an Affiliate Site for you.  These are super simple to use (no logging in or downloading any software... it's all on this page).

They are slightly different, so let's go over them now:

  1. The first one is the Underground Hypnosis Affiliate Cloaker.  This is really cool and nothing like the normal affiliate link cloakers you see on the net.  You're gonna love this...

    With this tool, you enter your Clickbank ID and about 4 paragraphs related to your ad group

    So if you are making a landing page on "Mind Control", you would Google Mind Control -- read a bunch of articles and Wikipedia -- then write four paragraphs about the subject.

    You paste your 4 short "mind control" paragraphs into this  web application, and it spits out a single page website that you put on your server.

    Anyone who sees this website will ONLY see the Underground Hypnosis website. 

    But when Google Adwords "spiders" the site, they will ONLY see the 4 paragraphs you wrote about your ad group.

    Pretty cool, and Google likes it because it makes your landing page appear MUCH more relevant.

    (If you have a landing page that appears to just be about "Persuasion" and your adgroup, keywords, and ad text are just about persuasion, then Google gives you cheaper traffic because everything is relevant).

    So that's a quick and easy option...  And I recommend you try that FIRST.

    Here's the other option:

  2. Use the Custom Sales Page Downloader.  This is super simple.  You enter your clickbank ID, and it generates a custom sales page JUST for you.  You can edit this sales page if you want, or just throw it up on your site. 

    Any sales that come from that sales page will be credited to you.

    You can truly get in and rewrite some of the sales copy and tweak it for your audience!

    Here are both of these web applications, feel free to use them as much as you like:



I've had 2 sets of banners made in the most common sizes.

The first one is the "Graphical Set".  Click the banner below to bring up all the sizes:

The second one is the "Sales Copy Set".  Click the banner below to bring up all the sizes:

I've made these in "graphical" format and in "sales copy" format.

Believe it or not, the sales copy ones tend to convert better!  If you want to change the text in the "Sales Copy Banners", then download this .html template here:

Sales Copy Banner Template

Edit the text in the template in any HTML editor, then when done click the "print screen" button on your computer.  Now in Photoshop (or even MS Paint!) you can "paste" the print screen and make your custom banners.


You can run your advertisements for Mental Hypnosis at any one or more of the following places:

Quality Self-Improvement Sites that Accept Advertisements
Top sponsor ad: US$30/insertion
Second spot ad: US$15/insertion
5 top sponsor insertions: US$120 (20% discount)
10 in second spot insertions: US$100 (33% discount)
Solo ad: US$250
Over 40,000 subscribers
Text up to 400 characters, including spaces
Family-friendly text
Avoid spam filter traps like click, free, now, here, sales etc.
Please send money via PayPal to David [a] TheHappyGuy [.] com, and text to same address. Please specify any date/day preferences. If you wish, you can send a money order or a check in US funds. (Recommended: Choose "Direct Email Promotion," 3rd one from top, then choose "Self-Improvement Newsletter" with 250,000 subscribers. Reliable sources claim that this is the best value per dollar you invest because they have the most responsive subscribers compared to all the other selfgrowth newsletters.)

Other Sites to Explore Your Advertising Options (choose business or self-help category) (choose business or self-help category)


This is a free traffic source that has produced great results for many marketers. Sign up at and know more about how you can earn free advertising credits simply by doing things you usually do (like surfing the net or sending your emails).

Instant Buzz Ad #1

Get what you want from others.. anytime.. any place

Instant Buzz Ad #2

Easily influence anyone to willingly do what you want

Instant Buzz Ad #3

Exciting New Course Reveals Secrets to Covert Influence

Instant Buzz Ad #4

Possess the Miraculous Power to Secretly Hypnotize Anyone at Will


Here are some great forums where you can post your ads for free! All you need to do is register first and read the rules before posting your ads. Some of them would require you to introduce yourself first before posting your ads. conquer your niche blatant ads section (Note: You cannot post ads in the other sections of conqueryourniche, but you can post non-promotional forum messages and earn ad credits in the process.)


Many people have done extremely well promoting Mental Hypnosis without spending a dime.

These tactics CAN work, but typically they won't yield near as much money in your pocket as Pay Per Click.

Regardless, I recommend you do this AS WELL as doing pay per click.  That way you truly dominate the market from every angle!

So here's a few free techniques you can do right now:

1) Write a Review of of the Mental Hypnosis Course with your affiliate link at the end.  You can post these for free on review sites like, and

2) Make a free blog with a site like  On your blog talk about Mental Hypnosis and my site, then use a site like so your blog shows up in major search engines.  Obviously have your affiliate link on this as well!

3) Check out this killer Press Release site,  Post a review of the Mental Hypnosis Course on here with your link.  You can also pay them $80 and they will make sure your Press Release is put on ALL major search engines.

4) Post videos on about Mental Hypnosis, and include your affiliate link.

6) Setup your own website using my custom web apps above.

7) Make a review site about hypnosis products and include a review of Mental Hypnosis (This works really well right now with all the google slaps going on!).

8) Use "Social Networking" sites like,,, and to promote your affiliate link and build up a network of friends!


Writing articles is a cheap and easy way of promoting Mental Hypnosis.  Actually, it's more than just "cheap"... it's totally free.

This doesn't cost you a dime... and can rank very well in the search engines.

But, you should know it is NOT as effective as using Pay Per Click.   (We recommend you do BOTH!)

Here are the major "article submission" websites you can use:




There are a TON more out there. Click here for a list via Google.

I've written some quick articles for you. 

But please note:  These are fairly short and you WILL want to expand on them a little bit.

Also, I would recommend you rewrite them (even if you do it one sentence at a time) so they won't show up as "duplicate content" by Google and Yahoo.

Here they are:


1)  You can submit your exclusive articles to the article directories and put your author bio/resource box at the bottom of your articles to promote your affiliate link for Mental Hypnosis.

2)  Take note that you cannot use these articles exactly when submitting to article directories because these directories require you to post unique articles that you have exclusive rights to (meaning you're the sole owner of the articles).

3)  If you want some information on how to change these or write new and compelling articles to earn big commissions on Mental Hypnosisclick here. It would be best to write articles related to persuasion, negotiation, influence, body language, assertiveness, communication training or relationships; but any self-improvement related articles will do. You may write articles from 300 to 500 words ideally. Make sure that the content is helpful.

4)  If you don't want to write your articles, you can always outsource the article writing to freelance writers, such as those in

5)  Author Bio/Resource Box is the most crucial part of your article, where you include your affiliate link like this: "Learn how to hypnotically and secretly influence people to willingly and eagerly do what you want them to do at http://YOUR"

6)  Written below is a list of the best article directories that have high Pagerank. Google loves websites with high Pagerank.

Important Note: A few article directories like (the best article directory) do not allow you to put affiliate links in the author bio/resource box section. Please check the rules and guidelines before submitting your articles.


If you have an email list related to Hypnosis, Persuasion, Making Money, Self Improvement, or anything similar, then chances are Mental Hypnosis will convert VERY well.

Below you'll find a 7 day autoresponder series.  They start by explaining hypnosis and slowly move into discussing Mental Hypnosis and this site in detail.


You may add any of these signature lines to all the emails and messages you're sending out. Put them either below your name or as a PS message.

Email Signature # 1

Discover underground secret hypnosis secrets so powerful you'll say it's magic! Warning: This is frighteningly dangerous in the wrong hands.


Email Signature # 2

Learn how to easily and secretly influence anyone to your way of thinking. Powerful new course guides you step-by-step to success


Email Signature # 3

Covertly control and influence even the most stubborn people to willingly and eagerly give you what you want... anytime... anywhere.



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Ok, so that's it for now.  Time to get to work and start making some money!

This page will be updated frequently, so check back soon.


Joseph Mander

 P.S. - If you have any questions, please email me.


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