Email 1 (Introducing Hypnosis)


Subject:  Hypnosis Scandal




The hypnosis industry is hopping mad.  Here's why.


A highly controversial website has just exposed

some major secrets the "experts" pray you never



Here's the site:




The first and most shocking secret is that hypnosis is

a completely natural state. 


And that you (even if you've never done it) can hypnotize

yourself or anyone else in as little time as it takes to

flip a light switch.


I know that sounds crazy, and I thought it WAS crazy

until I read this site. 


Here's the link:




The second secret (and they are REALLY freaking out about

this) is that genuine hypnosis requires no special abilities

or powers.


This means, if you can talk, you can hypnotize people.


See how here:




Anyway, this report is about 11 pages long...  And that's

simply to long to put in your email. 


So it's been posted on this special website.  You can

access it instantly here:




Let me know what you think,




Email 2 (Quick Follow Up)


Subject:  Did you see it yet?




Did you have a chance to check out the Underground
Hypnosis website yet?


Hypnotizing through emails... Man, that's some crazy
stuff right there.


Check it out here if you haven't:




Think of the look on your friends faces when you show

them these bewildering acts.


Talk soon,




Email 3 (Introduction To "Black Ops")


Subject:  "Underground" Hypnosis Exposed


I was just reading the site that has the whole hypnosis

industry in an UPROAR.


The underworld is going absolutely mad right now.

This site actually talks about "Black Ops Hypnosis". 


Plus there is a ton of speculation that it's one of

"their people" that talked in this interview.


Someone could be in some serious trouble over this.


I couldn't believe it myself, but it's all right here:




See, Underground "Black Ops" Hypnosis is VASTLY
different than regular hypnosis.


1. It's easier to do.

2. You don't HAVE to get your target's permission first.

3. It's MUCH more effective.


This new way to use hypnosis was developed by a
group of people associated with this site.

Seriously, this stuff is insane, check it out:




Talk soon,




P.S. - It's not often you see a rise in the internet's

blood pressure like this.


I wouldn't be surprised if this site isn't available for
to long.


Think about it, there has never been another site to

expose the Iron Man Pattern:




Email 4 (The No Cleaver Technique)


Subject:  The No Cleaver Technique.




I was just reading about the No Cleaver Technique on
this site right here:




That's when you can make ANYONE do whatever
you want by uttering a few words (this is crazy, they
go into detail how it works).


Imagine the possibilities using extremely in depth

techniques like this in your day to day life.


You will be elated and SHOCKED when you see your first

subject hypnotized on demand. 


You'll be even more SHOCKED when you see how easy it
is to do.


Seriously FIRST_NAME, if you can read (or have ears..

because this site has over 7 hours of audio in it)... you can

hypnotize anyone instantly.


Never before has it been this simple, but thanks to this

AMAZING STEP BY STEP website... it's as simple as

reading a book or listening in a car!


Find out how, right here, right now:




Still, the biggest secret exposed in this site (the one

that will make you REALLY in the know) is that you can be

hypnotizing someone within a couple minutes of RIGHT NOW.


Under ANY conditions.  Crazy stuff.


Check it out here:




Let me know what you think,




Email 5 (The Underground)


Subject:  The Underground...




As you know, hypnosis has always been a fun past time

for comedy clubs and goofy stage shows.


Here's what most people don't know:


There is a whole subculture of people that have been
studying "Underground" mind control for years.


These obscure 'seekers' look like normal everyday

people... but they are far from it. 


This genius group of men could wisp any wish at

their command by using the underground black ops

techniques of hypnosis.


Now this privileged information is released for a

short time.


See how the story unfolds, here:








P.S. - Look, this site will TRULY teach you how to
hypnotize anyone in seconds.

Don't waste another second, check it out now:





Email 6 (You've Done It, Right?)


Subject:  Told you so...




Just trying to keep tabs on how your doing with hypnosis.


I told you it was SUPER easy!


How many people have you hypnotized now?


Can you believe how easy it is?  It totally blew me away



If you didn't finish reading about this, it's all right here:




It's really amazing how simple the instructions are.  I

thought at first it would be WAY over my head.  But man,

that was child's play!


It's crazy how so many people are hypnotizing someone on



And in just minutes on the first try.


All exposed right here:




Let me know what you think,




Email 7 (Getting Crazy)


Subject:  crazy day


I swear, it gets crazier every single day.


This site IS STILL causing huge amounts of controversy:




Man, talk about a strange week.  I used to think this

type of stuff would NEVER happen to me.  After checking

out the interview on that site.. things have been VERY





We only use 10% of our brains. Basically we're a bunch of

walking monkeys.  With hypnosis you will be able to

control SO much around you... EVEN PEOPLE.


What's even MORE amazing is you can learn these secrets

with absolutely NO training, NO "special powers", and NO

experience.  It's in you RIGHT NOW...


See what I mean here:




Talk soon,




P.S. - We use so little of our brain's power it is

ridiculous.  This is stuff is so easy, a kid could do it.


Check it out:




Email 8 (Nothing New)


Subject:  Here's the deal.


Underground Hypnosis is nothing 'new'.


You see, the truth is, these ideas have been around for a while now.


But the techniques have been hidden from you ...and for good reason.


Here's why:


Underground Hypnosis is a combination of insanely effective powers.  By

combining different tactics developed by , you can effectively

hypnotize ANY human instantly and have them at your every bidding.


You won't believe how you made it a SINGLE DAY with out these amazing

talents at your disposal.


What will REALLY blow you away is how SIMPLE AND EASY this is.  It's not

even as complicated as 'regular hypnosis' .Remember, FIRST_NAME,

Underground or 'Black OPs' Hypnosis is a different beast all together...


See how different it is, right here:




I've stumbled onto something extremely rare and VERY special by finding this


You just won't find this type of information anywhere else in the world. Period.


Don't waste another moment, go here now and further your life in

amazing ways:




Talk soon,




Email 9 (The Closer)


Subject:  open immediately


I have a lot of people curious if the Underground Hypnosis

Course really work.


I have a TWO word answer:




Here's what I mean:


In your life you are going to have a TON of people

telling you what to do.  And even worse, they don't

know what the HELL they are talking about.  So now

It's time for YOU to make the move.


It's time for YOU to be the one in control.


It's time for YOU to be the ALPHA.


And you know what?  This is so easy it's freakin' SCARY.


You see, FIRST_NAME, I've found a website that has
unearthed 'powers' that were thought to be impossible. 


Don't worry; you don't have to have some special ability

to learn this stuff.  Or spend hundreds of hours trying to
learn how.


... actually you probably use a VERY SMALL degree of

them in your day to day life.


And even if you don't ... Other people are using a much

weaker version of these powers whenever you turn on the TV.


Surprised?  How did you REALLY think these huge

corporations got so rich :-)


Hypnotic powers are used CONSTANTLY in persuasion

and advertising.  This is not a secret.




The site I found has documented (step by step) how to

hypnotize people into doing WHATEVER YOU WANT.


Let me repeat that:


You can learn to make ANYONE do ANYTHING ...



And you know what is REALLY scary?  There is absolutely



You can learn how step by step, right here:




As I've mentioned ... people will tell you this is impossible. 


And you know what?  Please DON'T correct them! 


I don't want these people actually KNOWING this stuff exists.


If they're brain is that ignorant and simple, then honestly

they won't be prepared for the power this holds.


Seriously, this is not 'play time at the park'.


If you want a raise in your job, then here it is...


If you want that girl to fall in love with you, then your

only one click away...


If you want to suddenly be 'Mr. Popular' in the work force

and have your toughest enemies eating out of the palm of

your hand, then COME AND GET IT.


This is a NO HOLDS BARRED, NO B.S., IRON CLAD course... 


Nothing like this has ever been revealed before, and you can only
find it in ONE place.


Right here:




One more thing, FIRST_NAME, as stupid as it sounds... they are
even giving you a 100% MONEY BACK GAURUNTEE.


AND you can keep the entire course for free.  (I know, they are crazy).


If you are not 110% satisfied ... actually ... strike that:





Then you just send them an email and they'll refund every penny.


Ok, I've got to get out of here... but check out the site while

I still have it available:




Talk soon,




P.S. - Don't waste another second.  Opportunities like this are

FEWER than once in a lifetime.  Seriously, FIRST_NAME, if you

pass this up ... you will regret it.


Think about it.  What exactly do you have to lose?  If you don't

like it, then you get all your money back ... if you love it,

then your the most powerful human in the world.


Period.  Point blank.


Get it here now: